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Leading Diversity@Wharton Speaker Series

Videos and other insights on navigating diversity in the workplace

Thoughts on Race, Inequality, Inclusion, and Belonging at Work - 2020 (Print, Audio, Video)


Leading Diversity: Why Listening and Learning Come Before Strategy (Knowledge@Wharton; Also Audio, Video)

Ben & Jerry's Showed Corporate America What Real Corporate Activism Looks Like (HuffPost)

Companies are Seeking Black Board Members Amid Social Pressure (CQ ESG)

How to Elevate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work in Your Organization (Knowledge@Wharton)

How to Be a Better Ally to Your Black Colleagues (Harvard Business Review)

How to Talk About Race in the Workplace According to this Management Professor (World Economic Forum)

How to Begin Talking About Race in the Workplace (Knowledge@Wharton)

Hashtags won't cut it. Corporate America faces a Higher Bar in a Reckoning on Racial Inequality (CNBC)

Speaking Out on Racism as a Company Leader (Wharton Magazine)

CEOs are Finally Talking About Racism. Will it Change Anything? (Quartz at Work)

Racial Justice: The Work Starts With Us (Filene Research Institute)


Evidence-Based Belonging (NACD Future Fluency)

Goldman Sachs Starts Diverse Board Member Policy For Handling IPOs (NPR Marketplace)

How to Have Difficult Conversations About Race at Work (NPR LA)

The Right and Wrong Ways for CEOs to Address Racism and Policing" (NPR Marketplace)

Inequality in America (Wharton Business Daily)


What Benefits Would Boardroom Diversity Bring to Companies (Bloomberg TV, Daybreak Asia)

Race and Inclusion Now: An Investment Industry Call to Action (CFA Institute)

Understanding Identity and Leadership (Center for Values Driven Leadership)

How Business Leaders Create Conversations and Take Action to Foster Racial Equity (Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy)

Efforts to Diversify: Why Tech Hasn't Done Better (CNBC)

US Congressional Testimony - June 20, 2019 (Video)

Diversity in The Boardroom: Examining Proposals to Increase the Diversity of America's Boards

Credit: US House Committee on Financial Services

CNN At This Hour with Kate Bolduan - May 29, 2018. Credit: CNN