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Dr. Stephanie Creary is an assistant professor of management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  She conducts research on the topics of relationships across differences in the workplace.  She also advises and speaks to corporate audiences on the following topics:

  • Building stronger relationships in the workplace among people from different backgrounds (allyship, sponsorship)

  • Improving leader engagement in diversity, equity, and inclusion work

  • Creating evidence-based diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies

Dr. Stephanie also currently hosts the Knowledge at Wharton Leading Diversity at Work Series where she engages in conversation with a variety of experts in diversity, equity and inclusion. She has been awarded the Wharton Teaching Excellence Award five times for her work in developing and teaching the undergraduate and MBA "Leading Diversity in Organizations" courses. Further, Dr. Stephanie has leaned on the insights she has gained from her research and teaching to advise leaders, C-suite teams, and investors from dozens of organizations on effective strategies for developing more inclusive workplaces. 

Dr. Stephanie was selected as a Visiting Faculty Fellow in the Inaugural Cohort of the Harvard Business School Institute for the Study of Business in Global Society (BiGS) from 2022-2024. She was also selected for the 2023 Thinkers50 Radar list in collaboration with Deloitte which identifies emerging thinkers with the potential to make a significant contribution to management theory and practice and received an NACD Directorship 100 award which recognizes the most influential directors and leaders in the corporate governance community.

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